About the Parent Association

The Parent Assocation of McGinnis Woods works together to provide the best educational and social environment for our children by fostering a spirit of participation and community at our school. We firmly believe that a sense of community is vital to our continued growth and the PA provides avenues for members to become involved in their child(ren)’s education, as well as build relationships with other parents, teachers and administrators. The PA offers a variety of educational and enriching family activities through out the year to encourage and build that sense of community.

The PA Board provides guidance for the various activities and fund raising efforts which occur each year. The PA plans and sponsors many events including the Fall Festival Raffle, Family Valentine Dance and End of the Year Family Celebration.

Every classroom also has room representatives who work to carry out the many functions of the Parent Association. There are planned meetings during the school year which feature special guest speakers as well as presentations and performances by the students. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend.

The McGinnis Woods Annual Fund

We also recognize that, although our tuition provides our students with superior staff, teachers and curriculum, many parents want to provide additional equipment and facilities that enhance their children’s learning experience. That is why we administer the McGinnis Woods Annual Fund. This fundraising effort contributes 100% of the money raised to supplement the school’s foundation with resources and programs selected by parents such as teacher grants, professional development training, technology and other school programs.

We encourage you to get involved

Most of all, we encourage parents to be involved in any way that suits them. Every parent at McGinnis Woods is automatically a member of the Parent Association and there are many different opportunities to volunteer and/or provide financial support. Every parent is an essential part of the McGinnis Woods’ community and each student’s academic and social growth.