At McGinnis Woods, one thing is universal....we all think we have the best teachers on the planet!  As a PA Board, we work to celebrate this fact with our families.  We hold Teacher Appreciation Lunches every quarter.  A portion of the PA fees that are collected upon enrollment are used to support these events for the teachers.

Two to three grade levels are combined for the lunches and the room representatives from these classrooms work together to make each lunch a memorable event.  Our teachers are spoiled with delicious food, yummy desserts and extra love from the student community.  A buffet is set up in the lunch room and teachers from the preschool, elementary and middle schools enjoy the special lunch.  It is a great way to remind our teachers that all they do really matters to us!


  • A popular lunch theme in the fall for our teachers is Tailgating.  We have tons of football fans at McGinnis Woods!
  • Rosa Mia is a local restaurant that often supports us in an Italian theme.  There are no leftovers after that lunch!
  • Our teachers LOVE chocolate cake.  It often goes the fastest as the dessert!  Who blames them!?
  • Our students love the Teacher Appreciation Lunch days as it gives them another opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers.